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About Right of Boom

What is Right of Boom?


The term "Boom" is used to describe the moment of an incident, the moment when an attack succeeds.

Our Mission

Right of Boom Mission

Right of Boom events is purpose-built to educate & enable MSP/MSSPs to prepare for, endure and survive the inevitable “Boom” in either their or their client’s business. Our goal is to build successful, Cyber Resilient businesses. Cyber Resilience is the ability to operate during an adverse incident, with minimal impact to your and your client’s  businesses.

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Benefit Statement

Benefits of Right of Boom

In a world where cybersecurity is a threat to everyone, MSPs are prime targets of bad actors. We believe in the power of community to face this evolving threat together to make MSPs and MSSPs more resilient. Right of Boom builds communities to better protect their clients as well as grow their business - while doing so through collaboration and shared knowledge.

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